Link Missionaries

St Tom’s has links with five families who are faithfully doing God’s work in other places: The Parkers are serving in aviation ministry in Papua New Guinea, the Taylors are serving as Bible teachers in Tanzania, the Goscombes are serving in parish ministry in remote Western Australia, the Vander Heidens are serving as Bible teachers in Portugal and the Overhalls will be working in Chile as Bible trainers.

Stephen and Paula Parker

Parker family

Stephen and Paula Parker (with their children Anna, Timothy and Daniel) are currently serving as missionaries in Papua New Guinea through Wycliffe Australia.

Stephen works in aviation ministry by servicing aircraft, which is essential work to bring translations of the Bible to the Papua New Guineans in their own language. Paula and the children are actively involved in supporting Stephen in his work and building relationships with the local community.

To receive the Parker family newsletter and prayer points, visit their page on the Wycliffe Australia site.

Mike and Katie Taylor

Mike and Katie Taylor

Mike and Katie Taylor (with their children Harry, Miriam and Samuel) began their missionary work in Tanzania in 2010 in partnership with CMS. They plan to spend the first half of the year learning Swahili, then move to the city of Arusha, where Mike will join the team training pastors and evangelists at Munguishi Bible College, 12 kilometres outside the town. Katie will spend her time caring for their three young children and seeking missionary opportunities in the local church and community.

To receive the Taylor family newsletter and prayer points, visit their page on the CMS site.

Richard and Tracy Goscombe

Richard and Tracy Goscombe

Richard Goscombe and his wife Tracy moved to the West Australian mining town of Wickham in 2009, becoming the town’s first Anglican rector in a decade.

There is much segregation in the community between black and white, company and non-company, management and workers, fly-in fly-out workers and permanent residents. In spite of this, Richard has been privileged to have doors open to minister to the people.

Wickham is a small town located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, about 50 kilometres east of Karratha. The town of Wickham services Cape Lambert – Rio Tinto’s largest port facility for the export of iron ore. Mining is therefore the main industry among the town’s 2500 residents and the over 2000 fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers. There is a high level of disposable income among many of the population, but such wealth has given rise to many problems; notably binge drinking among young people. The seaside hamlet of Port Sampson, men’s and women’s prisons and the Aboriginal town of Roebourne – the capital city for Indigenous tribes in the north west – are all located nearby.

To receive the Goscombe family newsletter and prayer points, visit their page on the Bush Church Aid site.

Matt and Kiri Vander Heiden

Matt and Kiri Vander Heiden

Matt and Kiri Vander Heiden (with their children Mieka, Sofia and Joshua) are missionaries in Portugal through Pioneers Australia.

They are working at the Portuguese Bible Institute (PBI) in Lisbon, Portugal. Matt lectures in hermeneutics and preaching and heads up the Academic Department. In the 2009/2010 academic year a new curriculum has been introduced at the Bible Institute and three new mobile schools have been opened up, where a one year certificate course is offered. Matt and Kiri are very thankful to God that there are currently about 160 students studying the Bible in Portugal through the different courses offered by PBI.

Kiri keeps very busy looking after the three children (Mieka, Sofia and Joshua) and keeping the house running. She also teaches Sunday School at their local church twice a month (Matt preaches there once a month). Mieka started kindergarten at the local Portuguese public school last September, Sofia goes to a pre-school weekday mornings and Joshua spends most of his time rearranging the house.



Chris and Stef Overhall