More about Jesus

Do you think Christianity is just about the destination of Heaven? Perhaps its about the journey of trying to be good?

Actually, its all about who Jesus is and what he's done for us.

We're happy to talk about Jesus anytime, however if you want a more structured approach, TOMS currently run 2 short courses to explain more about Jesus.


If you haven't had much to do with Church and Christianity in your life, LifeWorks explains the relevance of God in today's world, why people become Christians and answers your questions while you're enjoying dinner, dessert and drinks.

Christianity Explained

Maybe you grew up going to church with your family but didn't really understand what it all meant but rather it was just something that you had to do? Christianity Explained will take you back to the basics and guide you through what it all meant, giving you the understanding, you longed for and the opportunity to ask those follow up questions that Google doesn't answer that clearly.

For more information, go to our Events Page to see if one is coming up soon or Contact Us