Welcome to St Tom’s!

St Tom’s Anglican Church is an evangelical, Bible-based church in Cranebrook, Sydney. We are a dynamic group of Christians from all walks of life who are focused on making Christ known to the thousands of people who live around us in Cranebrook, Castlereagh, Jordan Springs and the Waterside estate.

We’d love for you to join us at one of our Sunday services, or at one of our mid-week groups.

There are two churches in the Parish of Cranebrook with Castlereagh:
St Tom’s, Cranebrook and Christ Church, Castlereagh.

Have you seen: Coming up at St Tom’s:
Sunday 1st March
Morning Church at St Tom's, starting at 9:30am
Doorknock Training Workshop, starting at 3:00pm
Night Church at St Tom's, starting at 6:00pm
Monday 2nd March
Christianity Explained, starting at 7:45pm
Tuesday 3rd March
Christ Church, Castlereagh AGM, starting at 7:00pm
The next few upcoming events at St Tom’s are displayed above. If you’d like a full list of upcoming events, view our calendar.
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